Towards an updated kinetics model of CO2* chemiluminescence Conference Paper uri icon


  • Chemiluminescence from electronically excited CO2, i.e. CO2*, has been measured behind reflected shock waves in H2-N2O-CO mixtures highly diluted in argon at low and elevated pressures and high temperatures (1650 - 2250 K). An optical filter centered at 415 nm was used to isolate the CO2* species at these conditions, and CO2* kinetics were evaluated in detail. A full kinetics scheme for the formation and depletion of CO2* is presented, and a new rate for the title CO2* formation reaction, CO + O + M ⇄ CO2* + M (R1), is determined by a fitting scheme to experimental data as kR1= 4.0×1014exp(-2384/RT) cm6/mole2-s. The complete CO2* kinetics scheme using this new rate is able to reproduce experimental trends in the form of peak CO2* temperature dependence and CO2* species time histories at low and elevated pressures. The model does an excellent job at predicting CO2*peak trends, and mostly captures the unique features of the CO2* species profiles. Comparisons with past works are also made, where there is good agreement between model and data in a methane-based mixture. Slight variations in the rate for R1 from the literature are also considered. The complete kinetics scheme for the formation and depletion of CO2* presented in this work is the first of its kind and offers a good foundation for future studies on CO2* kinetics. © 2013 by the authors.

author list (cited authors)

  • Kopp, M. M., Petersen, E. L., & Güthe, F.

publication date

  • August 2013