Collaborative Research: PSERC Collaborative Proposal for a Phase III Industry University Cooperative Research Center Program (IUCRC) Grant uri icon


  • PSERC is proposing a Phase III support (third five-year period) for the Center, including support for center personnel, evaluation and research. The proposed Center is a multi-university Center comprised of the following universities: Arizona State University (lead), Cornell University, Texas A & M, Howard University, Washington State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Iowa S ate University, Wichita State University, Georgia Tech, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the University of California-Berkeley, and Colorado School of Mines. The proposal from PSERC seeks funding for a Phase III (3rd five-year period) led by Arizona State University (ASU). PSERC had its origin as a multi-university IUCRC in 1996, and was created with the vision that collaboration amongst a large group of academic, industrial, and governmental institutions can develop solutions to the complex problems in electric energy. PSERC (currently comprised of 12 universities) will conduct research organized under three primary research stem areas: markets stem, system stem, and transmission and distribution technologies stem. PSERC leverages the expertise of some 40 multidisciplinary researchers. The PI and all of the other site directors are very well-qualified and have access to appropriate and adequate resources. The proposed work addresses important improvements and advancements in the transmission and delivery of electricity. PSERC has been a leader in in developing several key concepts with regard to the development of electricity markets. PSERC researchers also developed one of the first large scale visualization tools for the electric power industry, and this effort has resulted in the creation of a company that has commercially developed the tool. Over the past six years, PSERC member companies have employed an average of 80 graduate and undergraduate students per year from PSERC universities. In the area of diversity, one of the PSERC member universities is Howard University, a historically black university. PSERC will continue to seek women and minorities through students and faculty at member universities as well as on an individual basis as research associates.

date/time interval

  • 2010 - 2016