Lipoprotein Biology in Avian Health and Disease Grant uri icon


  • Poultry provide the bulk of high quality protein consumed in the world. Both meat and eggs are the fundamental food products that provide protein and other essential vitamins and minerals in an environmentally sustainable production system. Further improvements in productivity can be made by a better understanding of the molecular factors that control avian physiology.A key technology that has allowed rapid gains in human health is genetic modification of animal models of disease; most often mice. This technique is underdevelped for poultry. As a result our understanding of avian biology generally and specific genes responsible for health promoting or disease preventing activities has lagged substantially and to the detriment of poultry well-being and productive potential. This project also aims to better enable use of genetic modification as a research tool aimed at creating a better understanding of poultry biology in order to improvepoultry production, health and well-being.

date/time interval

  • 2018 - 2023