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Walters, Filza Professor of the Practice


Accomplished engineering educator, leader, and entrepreneur. Thrives in collaborative, creative, and inclusive environments. Forward thinker, interested in propelling organizations, institutions, teams, and aspiring engineers to transcend the boundaries to discover innovative solutions to most pressing problems at nexus of climate, health and the built environment.

Develops supportive academic and corporate cultures, where exploration and innovation are celebrated, integration is expected, and life-long learning builds a thirst for knowledge and actionable, sustainable results. Integrates business acumen, professional development and applied research to inspire others with a passion for engineering, architecture, and education to serve humanity.

Unique global background and extensive network blended with industry experience and progressive acquisition of academic knowledge and administration. Initiates, manages, and engages authentic partnerships with multidisciplinary colleagues for meaningful connections and collaborations to solve Worlds Grand Challenges.

Leverages and builds partnerships, promotes business development, and creates sustainable, high performing, energy efficient and carbon neutral living environments. Motivates, students, building owners, designers, engineers, and contractors to create, build, and operate comfortable, resilient, healthy, and smart buildings.

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  • Professor of the Practice