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  • We introduce a generalisation $LH_n$ of the ordinary Hecke algebras informed by the loop braid group $LB_n$ and the extension of the Burau representation thereto. The ordinary Hecke algebra has many remarkable arithmetic and representation theoretic properties, and many applications. We show that $LH_n$ has analogues of several of these properties. In particular we %introduce consider a class of local (tensor space/functor) representations of the braid group derived from a meld of the (non-functor) Burau representation and the (functor) Deguchi {em et al}-Kauffman--Saleur-Rittenberg representations here called Burau-Rittenberg representations. In its most supersymmetric case somewhat mystical cancellations of anomalies occur so that the Burau-Rittenberg representation extends to a loop Burau-Rittenberg representation. And this factors through $LH_n$. Let $SP_n$ denote the corresponding quotient algebra, $k$ the ground ring, and $t in k$ the loop-Hecke parameter. We prove the following: 1) $LH_n$ is finite dimensional over a field. 2) The natural inclusion $LB_n
    ightarrow LB_{n+1}$ passes to an inclusion $SP_n
    ightarrow SP_{n+1}$. 3) Over $k=mathbb{C}$, $SP_n / rad $ is generically the sum of simple matrix algebras of dimension (and Bratteli diagram) given by Pascal's triangle. 4) We determine the other fundamental invariants of $SP_n$ representation theory: the Cartan decomposition matrix; and the quiver, which is of type-A. 5) The structure of $SP_n $ is independent of the parameter $t$, except for $t= 1$. item For $t^2
    eq 1$ then $LH_n cong SP_n$ at least up to rank$n=7$ (for $t=-1$ they are not isomorphic for $n>2$; for $t=1$ they are not isomorphic for $n>1$). Finally we discuss a number of other intriguing points arising from this construction in topology, representation theory and combinatorics.

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  • Damiani, C., Martin, P., & Rowell, E. C.

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  • Damiani, Celeste||Martin, Paul||Rowell, Eric C

publication date

  • August 2020