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  • Very broadly, an argument from collections is an argument that purports to show that our beliefs about sets implyin some sensethe existence of God. Plantinga (2007) first sketched such an argument in Two Dozen and filled it out somewhat in his 2011 monograph Where the Conflict Really Lies: Religion, Science, and Naturalism. This chapter reconstructs what strikes the author as the most plausible version of Plantingas argument. While it is a good argument in at least a fairly weak sense, it doesnt initially appear to have any explanatory advantages over a non-theistic understanding of setswhat the author calls set theoretic realism. However, the author goes on to argue that the theist can avoid an important dilemma faced by the realist and, hence, that Plantingas argument from collections has explanatory advantages that realism does not have.

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  • Menzel, C.

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  • Menzel, C

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  • Walls, J. L., & Dougherty, T.

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  • Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God: The Plantinga Project

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  • August 2018