Shah, Kinjal (2021-01). Haven in the Meadows. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • This project began with an investigation about creating an environment that facilitates the healing the process for mental health patients. The state of mental hospitals in current scenario lacks the continuum of care. To fill this gap of care, this project caters to the need of behavioral health facilities from acute care to residential treatment. In today's scenario, the need for mental health services have increased. The attention to overall health can only be achieved if both physical and mental health are taken care. There are many counties in the United States which lack basic mental health services. This project is located in Larimer County, Colorado, the county lacked any behavioral health services for its residents. Hence the need for facility was evident. With this intention, the "Larimer County Community Master Plan for Behavioral Health: Changing the Paradigm" was created to comprehensively evaluate the behavioral health service needs; identify gaps in the continuum of treatment and support services and outline a Five Year Strategic Plan to address them. The project consists of 16- bed unit cluster each for acute mental health patients, substance use, outpatient facility, and residential treatment. The design is based on principles of biophilic design and salutogenic approach. The research carried out for this project aims to identify the design guidelines to explore how architecture can be of aid in relieving psychological disorders by promoting a eunoia state of mind. The planning process was more focused on creating secured and unsecured environments without a physical barrier and facilitating spatial orientation in a more natural way. The investigation ahead will act as toolbox for designing behavioral health facilities with new outlook. The environment around the facility gives the patient a sense of coherence and choice control leading to feel more like home. At the end, the architecture needs to make a person believe that this mental and behavioral disorder can be controlled and this place will heal them. Hence the facility is a "Haven" for all the patients to give them new life purpose and the Zen to feel "Eunoia."

publication date

  • January 2021