The Pantheon plus Analysis: Cosmological Constraints Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract We present constraints on cosmological parameters from the Pantheon+ analysis of 1701 light curves of 1550 distinct Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) ranging in redshift from z = 0.001 to 2.26. This work features an increased sample size from the addition of multiple cross-calibrated photometric systems of SNe covering an increased redshift span, and improved treatments of systematic uncertainties in comparison to the original Pantheon analysis, which together result in a factor of 2 improvement in cosmological constraining power. For a flat CDM model, we find M = 0.334 0.018 from SNe Ia alone. For a flat w 0CDM model, we measure w 0 = 0.90 0.14 from SNe Ia alone, H 0 = 73.5 1.1 km s1 Mpc1 when including the Cepheid host distances and covariance (SH0ES), and w 0 = 0.978 0.031 + 0.024 when combining the SN likelihood with Planck constraints from the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO); both w 0 values are consistent with a cosmological constant. We also present the most precise measurements to date on the evolution of dark energy in a flat w 0 w a CDM universe, and measure w a = 0.1 2.0 + 0.9 from Pantheon+ SNe Ia alone, H 0 = 73.3 1.1 km s1 Mpc1 when including SH0ES Cepheid distances, and w a = 0.65 0.32 + 0.28 when combining Pantheon+ SNe Ia with CMB and BAO data. Finally, we find that systematic uncertainties in the use of SNe Ia along the distance ladder comprise less than one-third of the total uncertainty in the measurement of H 0 and cannot explain the present Hubble tension between local measurements and early universe predictions from the cosmological model.

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  • Brout, D., Scolnic, D., Popovic, B., Riess, A. G., Carr, A., Zuntz, J., ... Wiseman, P.

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  • Brout, Dillon||Scolnic, Dan||Popovic, Brodie||Riess, Adam G||Carr, Anthony||Zuntz, Joe||Kessler, Rick||Davis, Tamara M||Hinton, Samuel||Jones, David||Kenworthy, W D'Arcy||Peterson, Erik R||Said, Khaled||Taylor, Georgie||Ali, Noor||Armstrong, Patrick||Charvu, Pranav||Dwomoh, Arianna||Meldorf, Cole||Palmese, Antonella||Qu, Helen||Rose, Benjamin M||Sanchez, Bruno||Stubbs, Christopher W||Vincenzi, Maria||Wood, Charlotte M||Brown, Peter J||Chen, Rebecca||Chambers, Ken||Coulter, David A||Dai, Mi||Dimitriadis, Georgios||Filippenko, Alexei V||Foley, Ryan J||Jha, Saurabh W||Kelsey, Lisa||Kirshner, Robert P||Moller, Anais||Muir, Jessie||Nadathur, Seshadri||Pan, Yen-Chen||Rest, Armin||Rojas-Bravo, Cesar||Sako, Masao||Siebert, Matthew R||Smith, Mat||Stahl, Benjamin E||Wiseman, Phil

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  • October 2022