A mega-analysis of vertex and gyral cortical thickness differences in adults with and without PTSD Institutional Repository Document uri icon


  • Abstract A number of studies of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) report thinner cerebral cortical gyri using gyrus-based analysis or thinner foci within the gyri using vertex-based analysis. However, the locations of these findings are inconsistent across studies, and the spatial transformations required during vertex-based analysis may affect the focal findings. A mega-analysis using a large number of subjects from multiple PTSD studies could potentially identify more reproducible cortical thickness abnormalities. Investigating both the vertex and gyral thicknesses simultaneously may verify the vertex-based focal findings using gyral data without imposing any spatial transformation. Here we aggregated data from 24 international laboratories using ENIGMA standardized procedures for 949 adult PTSD patients and 1493 controls without PTSD (age 18 to 65 years). We examined whether gyral and vertex cortical thickness are (a) different between subjects with PTSD and controls and (b) associated with PTSD symptom severity in trauma-exposed subjects. Regions with overlapping thinner cortical gyri and thinner vertex clusters were located in frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital cortices. Thinner right lateral orbitofrontal and right lingual gyri and concomitantly thinner vertex clusters in the anterior portions of both gyri were associated with PTSD symptom severity. Convergent findings in these locations suggest focally thinner cortex in these gyri, which may be involved in altered processing and regulation of emotion and sensory inputs underlying posttraumatic stress symptoms.

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  • Xie, H., O'Leary, E., Shih, C., Cotton, A., Wall, J., Chen, T., ... Liberzon, I.

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  • Xie, Hong||O'Leary, Erin||Shih, Chia-Hao||Cotton, Andrew||Wall, John||Chen, Tian||Liu, Rong||Xu, Kevin||Abdallah, Chadi||Andrew, Elpiniki||Baird, C Lexi||Baugh, Lee||Bomyea, Jessica||Bruce, Steven||Bryant, Richard||Choi, Kyle||Daniels, Judith||Davenport, Nicholas||Davidson, Richard||De Bellis, Micheal||Dennis, Emily||deRoon-Cassini, Terri||Disner, Seth||Fani, Negar||Fercho, Kelene||Fitzgerald, Jacklynn||Forster, Gina||Frijling, Jessie||Geuze, Elbert||Gomaa, Hassan||Gordon, Evan||Grupe, Daniel||Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan||Haswell, Courtney||Herzog, Julia||Hofmann, Davia||Hollifield, Micheal||Hosseini, Bobak||Hudson, Anna||Ipser, Jonathan||Jahanshad, Neda||Jovanovic, Tanja||Kaufman, Milissa||King, Anthony||koch, Saskia||Koerte, Inga||Koopowitz, Sheri-Michelle||Korgaonkar, Mayuresh||Krystal, John||Larson, Christine||Lebois, Lauren||Levy, Ifat||Li, Gen||Logue, Mark||Magnotta, Vincent||Manthey, Antje||May, Geoffrey||McLaughlin, Katie||Mueller, Sven||Nawijn, Laura||Neria, Yuval||Nitschke, Jack||Olff, Miranda||Olson, Elizabeth||Peverill, Matthew||Phan, K Luan||Rashid, Faisal||Ressler, Kerry||Rosso, Isabelle||Salminen, Lauren||Sambrook, Kelly||Scheffler, Freda||Schmahl, Christian||Shenton, Martha||Sierk, Anika||Simons, Jeffrey||Simons, Raluca||Sponheim, Scott||Stein, Dan||Stein, Murray||Stevens, Jennifer||Straube, Thomas||Suarez-Jimenez, Benjamin||Tamburrino, Marijo||Thomopoulos, Sophia||Wee, Nic van der||Werff, Steven van der||Erp, Theo van||Rooij, Sanne van||Zuiden, Mirjam van||Varkevisser, Tim||Veltman, Dick||Vermeiren, Robert||Walter, Henrik||Wang, Li||Zhu, Xi||Zhu, Ye||Thompson, Paul||Wang, Xin||Morey, Rajendra||Liberzon, Israel

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  • Research Square

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  • October 2022