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Miller, Stephen Professor


19th- to 21st century Hispanic Literature with special emphasis on Spanish Peninsular (esp. Benito Perez Galdos) , US Latino-a literature and culture, Contemporary Latin American literature, and illustrated texts, especially fiction. Present book project in collaboration with Prof. Antonio Arroyo Almaraz (U. of Madrid): "Peligros, percances, escenas y geroglificos del Madrid isabelino: imagenes y articulos de las revistas ilustradas (1836-1869)" [Dangers, Misadventures, Scenes and Rebuses of Isabelline Madrid: Images and Articles from the Illustrated Magazines (1836-1869)." The a-political magazines in question portrayed the center of Spanish national life from a complex viewpoint of traditional common-sense values in a period of political instability and national decline. They presented their literate, affluent, upper middle-class readers in all Spain and the Americas with woodcut images and articles on culture, literature and noteworthy persons, places and events from around the world, but most especially as seen from the Spanish capital since imperial times.

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