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  • In this essentially Unsolved Problems of Noise (UPoN) paper we further study the question recently posed in Fluctuation and Noise Letters (December 2007), if there is and interaction between bodies with correlated information content, and weather the observed weight transients during/after changing the information content in memory devices is due to a new type of interaction, a new type of "fifth force", or it is only a classical mechanism. We briefly discuss the issue of the great experimental uncertainty of the Newtonian gravitation constant. We also mention the peculiar experiments about sudden weight changes of humans and animals at the moment of death. The extended monitoring of four 4GB flash drives with no casing and various information content indicate a significant correlation between their weight variations and the fluctuations of ambient humidity. This is an evidence for the role of humidity and hygroscopic components, at least, for long-term weight fluctuations. A sequence of information changing experiments with such a flash drives at stable humidity conditions shows a significant variability of the transients of the absolute mass with some dependence on the information content. Finally, a related new experiment was carried out with olive oil and chilli pepper powder that was dissolved in it while the mass variations were recorded and a positive mass transient of 0.3 milligram was observed for about 10 minutes. The process represents the writing of new random information into a medium. The only classical interpretation of this mechanism would be the compression of trapped air between the grains by the surface tension of the oil, or that of in pores by capillary forces, and the resulting decrease of the Archimedes force due volume reduction.

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  • Kish, L. B.

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  • Kish, Laszlo B

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  • May 2008