The Lick AGN Monitoring Project 2016: Velocity-resolved H beta Lags in Luminous Seyfert Galaxies Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract We carried out spectroscopic monitoring of 21 low-redshift Seyfert 1 galaxies using the Kast double spectrograph on the 3 m Shane telescope at Lick Observatory from 2016 April to 2017 May. Targeting active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with luminosities of L (5100 ) 1044 erg s1 and predicted H lags of 2030 days or black hole masses of 107108.5 M , our campaign probes luminosity-dependent trends in broad-line region (BLR) structure and dynamics as well as to improve calibrations for single-epoch estimates of quasar black hole masses. Here we present the first results from the campaign, including H emission-line light curves, integrated H lag times (830 days) measured against V-band continuum light curves, velocity-resolved reverberation lags, line widths of the broad H components, and virial black hole mass estimates (107.1108.1 M ). Our results add significantly to the number of existing velocity-resolved lag measurements and reveal a diversity of BLR gas kinematics at moderately high AGN luminosities. AGN continuum luminosity appears not to be correlated with the type of kinematics that its BLR gas may exhibit. Follow-up direct modeling of this data set will elucidate the detailed kinematics and provide robust dynamical black hole masses for several objects in this sample.

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  • Vivian, U., Barth, A. J., Vogler, H. A., Guo, H., Treu, T., Bennert, V. N., ... Zheng, W.

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  • Vivian, U||Barth, Aaron J||Vogler, H Alexander||Guo, Hengxiao||Treu, Tommaso||Bennert, Vardha N||Canalizo, Gabriela||Filippenko, Alexei V||Gates, Elinor||Hamann, Frederick||Joner, Michael D||Malkan, Matthew A||Pancoast, Anna||Williams, Peter R||Woo, Jong-Hak||Abolfathi, Bela||Abramson, LE||Armen, Stephen F||Bae, Hyun-Jin||Bohn, Thomas||Boizelle, Benjamin D||Bostroem, Azalee||Brandel, Andrew||Brink, Thomas G||Channa, Sanyum||Cooper, MC||Cosens, Maren||Donohue, Edward||Fillingham, Sean P||Gonzalez-Buitrago, Diego||Halevi, Goni||Halle, Andrew||Hood, Carol E||Horne, Keith||Horst, J Chuck||de Kouchkovsky, Maxime||Kuhn, Benjamin||Kumar, Sahana||Leonard, Douglas C||Loveland, Donald||Manzano-King, Christina||McHardy, Ian||Michel, Raul||Olaes, Melanie Kae B||Park, Daeseong||Park, Songyoun||Pei, Liuyi||Ross, Timothy W||Runco, Jordan N||Samuel, Jenna||Sanchez, Javier||Scott, Bryan||Sexton, Remington O||Shin, Jaejin||Shivvers, Isaac||Spencer, Chance L||Stahl, Benjamin E||Stegman, Samantha||Stomberg, Isak||Valenti, Stefano||Villafana, L||Walsh, Jonelle L||Yuk, Heechan||Zheng, Weikang

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  • January 2022