Advanced Understanding and Prediction of Pollutants in Critical Landscapes in Watersheds Grant uri icon


  • Monitoring Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water quality has lagged due to high costs and better evaluation of BMPs is needed. With new types of urban BMPs being implemented worlswide in Urban areas such a green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), it is imperative to evaluate the short and long term performance of such BMPs. the first objective of this study is to increae the monitoring of existing and new BMPs in urban areas and use the data for increasing the knowledge of water quality professionalss as well as encourage adoption of the BMPs.The Results of the above objective will also be used in modeling BMPs at watershed scale to improve watershed management and protection projects as well as understand the potential benefits of such benefits at larger scale accounting for current conditions as well as the imapact of a changing climate.

date/time interval

  • 2020 - 2025