Koh, Bong Su (2006-08). Adaptive inverse modeling of a shape memory alloy wire actuator and tracking control with the model. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • It is well known that the Preisach model is useful to approximate the effect of hysteresis behavior in smart materials, such as piezoactuators and Shape Memory Alloy(SMA) wire actuators. For tracking control, many researchers estimate a Preisach model and then compute its inverse model for hysteresis compensation. However, the inverse of its hysteresis behavior also shows hysteresis behavior. From this idea, the inverse model with Kransnoselskii-Pokrovskii(KP) model, a developed version of Preisach model, can be used directly for SMA position control and avoid the inverse operation. Also, we propose another method for the tracking control by approximating the inverse model using an orthogonal polynomial network. To estimate and update the weight parameters in both inverse models, a gradient-based learning algorithm is used. Finally, for the SMA position control, PID controller, adaptive controllers with KP model and adaptive nonlinear inverse model controller are compared experimentally.

publication date

  • August 2006