Conservation, Management, Enhancement and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources Grant uri icon


  • The impacts of secure and successful germplasm conservation, management, enhancement and utilization can be measured in the introduction of economically viable new crops and cultivars and new uses for existing crops based on a thorough understanding of their traits and properties, including nutritional, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and aesthetic applications. Genetic and phenotypic information, coupled with bioinformatics applications, will enhance our ability to understand and realize the inherent value of the plant genetic resources. Impacts will also result from development of a fundamental understanding of the nature and biology of genetic diversity, how it interacts with and is influenced by environment, and the resulting discoveries, inventions and applications which benefit society. The researchers of the NCR and curatorial staff of the NCRPIS provide training for the next generation of plant scientists and curators, providing opportunity to sustain societal needs through agricultural innovation.

date/time interval

  • 2018 - 2022