Quantum Interference: WaveParticle Duality Chapter uri icon


  • Youngs double-slit experiment played a crucial role in establishing the wave nature of light. In this chapter, the shocking result that incident electrons yield a similar interference pattern as that formed by light waves is described. It is shown that the only way the experimental results could be explained is via a wave function description of electrons. It is also shown that, in the same experiment, the interference fringes disappear if the which-path information becomes available. This is the essence of waveparticle duality. The first of the EinsteinBohr debates on wave-particle duality and Bohrs principle of complementarity in the double-slit experiment is also discussed. Also presented are the counterintuitive notions of delayed choice and quantum eraser effects showing how the availability or erasure of information generated in the future can affect how the data in the present can be interpreted.

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  • Zubairy, M. S.

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  • Zubairy, M Suhail

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  • Quantum Mechanics for Beginners

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  • May 2020