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Trostle, Calvin Professor and Extension Specialist


I provide extension education/applied research support primarily to the Texas High Plains region and secondarily across Texas for grain sorghum, sunflower, peanuts, wheat/small grains, guar, alfalfa, winter canola, summer annual forages, castor, and sesame. I conduct additional programming in dryland reduced tillage systems, cover cropping, soil fertility/soil testing, and Rhizobium/Bradiyrhizobium inoculants for legumes. I also serve as extension state specialist for sunflower. Annually I conduct 50-60 producer Extension programs, over 30 print media interviews, at least 80 radio interviews (regularly scheduled on five stations) and I contribute to three newsletters on at least a monthly basis. I collaborate or initiate annual county agent Extension trainings on 2 or more topics.

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  • Professor and Extension Specialist