mu*masses: weak-lensing calibration of the Dark Energy Survey Year 1 redMaPPer clusters using stellar masses Academic Article uri icon


  • ABSTRACT We present the weak-lensing mass calibration of the stellar-mass-based mass proxy for redMaPPer galaxy clusters in the Dark Energy Survey Year 1. For the first time, we are able to perform a calibration of at high redshifts, z < 0.33. In a blinded analysis, we use 6000 clusters split into 12 subsets spanning the ranges 0.1 z > 0.65 and up to ${sim} 5.5 imes 10^{13} , mathrm{M}_{odot }$, and infer the average masses of these subsets through modelling of their stacked weak-lensing signal. In our model, we account for the following sources of systematic uncertainty: shear measurement and photometric redshift errors, miscentring, cluster-member contamination of the source sample, deviations from the NavarroFrenkWhite halo profile, halo triaxiality, and projection effects. We use the inferred masses to estimate the joint massz scaling relation given by $langle M_{200c} | mu _{star },z
    angle = M_0 (mu _{star }/5.16 imes 10^{12} , mathrm{M_{odot }})^{F_{mu _{star }}} ((1+z)/1.35)^{G_z}$. We find $M_0= (1.14 pm 0.07) imes 10^{14} , mathrm{M_{odot }}$ with $F_{mu _{star }}= 0.76 pm 0.06$ and Gz = 1.140.37. We discuss the use of as a complementary mass proxy to the well-studied richness for: (i) exploring the regimes of low z, > 20 and high , z 1; and (ii) testing systematics such as projection effects for applications in cluster cosmology.

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  • Pereira, M., Palmese, A., Varga, T. N., McClintock, T., Soares-Santos, M., Burgad, J., ... Zhang, Y.

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  • Pereira, MES||Palmese, A||Varga, TN||McClintock, T||Soares-Santos, M||Burgad, J||Annis, J||Farahi, A||Lin, H||Choi, A||DeRose, J||Esteves, J||Gatti, M||Gruen, D||Hartley, WG||Hoyle, B||Jeltema, T||MacCrann, N||Roodman, A||Sanchez, C||Shin, T||von der Linden, A||Zuntz, J||Abbott, TMC||Aguena, M||Avila, S||Bertin, E||Bhargava, S||Bridle, SL||Brooks, D||Burke, DL||Carnero Rosell, A||Kind, Carrasco M||Carretero, J||Costanzi, M||da Costa, LN||Desai, S||Diehl, HT||Dietrich, JP||Doel, P||Estrada, J||Everett, S||Flaugher, B||Fosalba, P||Frieman, J||Garcia-Bellido, J||Gaztanaga, E||Gerdes, DW||Gruendl, RA||Gschwend, J||Gutierrez, G||Hinton, SR||Hollowood, DL||Honscheid, K||James, DJ||Kuehn, K||Kuropatkin, N||Lahav, O||Lima, M||Maia, MAG||March, M||Marshall, JL||Melchior, P||Menanteau, F||Miquel, R||Ogando, RLC||Paz-Chinchon, F||Plazas, AA||Romer, AK||Sanchez, E||Scarpine, V||Schubnell, M||Serrano, S||Sevilla-Noarbe, I||Smith, M||Suchyta, E||Swanson, MEC||Tarle, G||Wechsler, RH||Weller, J||Zhang, Y

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  • October 2020