Munavar Ali, Muzafar Thameem (2017-08). Delivery Methods and Social Network Analysis of Unethical Behavior in Construction Industry: An Exploratory Study. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The construction industry accounts for about one-third of gross capital formation and is ranked as one of the most corrupt. It is a multifaceted industry with unregulated transactions in which illicit behavior can be difficult to detect. The effects of corruption go beyond demoralization associated with bribery, it can lead to substandard quality of infrastructure and insufficient funds available for project maintenance. There are a multitude of reasons identified as possible causes for unethical conduct. A few researchers cited corruption as a result of an unethical decision. Prior research concerning corruption in construction has called for several main strategies: enhanced transparency, ethical codes, project governance, and audit and information technology. However, strategies to combat corruption may not be sufficient. As Tacitus states, 'The more corrupt the state, more the number of laws'. This research first presents an overview of unethical conduct in the construction industry. Then it examines the ethics in the industry followed by types of relationships and their structure which may be conducive to unethical conduct within the framework of different delivery methods. Further, based on interviews, the opinions of industry professionals pertaining to unethical behavior, its perception and manifestations have been documented. Finally, based on conclusions from the interviews, objective examination of Lean IPD and relational contracting as a delivery method has been made.

publication date

  • August 2017