Graphene Oxide Membrane with Engineered Interlayer Spacing Grant uri icon


  • Membrane made of laminated graphene oxide (GO) membranes are envisioned to become the next generation water treatment and desalination membranes due to their ease of fabrication, high flux and near 100% rejections of hydrocarbons and ions. However, the roadmap for their progress towards commercialization is faced with major obstacles due to their poor stability and tendency to delaminate because of their high hydrophilicity. The interlayer spacing of GO ranges between 0.7-1.0 nm based on the preparation method and the oxygen content. When soaked in water, GO membrane swell, reducing their rejection ability. In this proposal, we plan to stabilize the laminated structure of GO membranes and control the interlayer spacing by crosslinking with different amine containing compounds. The developed membranes will be tested for removal of hydrocarbons and salt ions from water.

date/time interval

  • 2019 - 2020