Determination on Lubricating Capabilities of Commercially Available Liquid Lubricant for Water-Based Drilling Grant uri icon


  • Oil drilling is such a complex operation in that, issues arises in different areas revolving around, equipment integrity, safety of operators and protection of environment. All this must be carefully taken into account in order to reduce cost of operation. This project focuses on a very significant issue which can compromise all that is mention above. Issues such as dog-legs and key seats that causes high Coefficient of Friction (COF) due to poor lubrication on operations using water based mud must be addressed. In the field, the use of additive to the drilling fluid called lubricant is very common. The ultimate intention of this additives is to reduce the coefficient of friction on the metal to metal and metal to rock contact surfaces. In doing so, one must be cautious in the application of lubricants in order to have it deliver its purpose. Otherwise, adverse effects such as emulsion, cheesing and greasing may occur. This study is geared towards studying different kinds of commercially available lubricants in wide-range combinations in water based mud in order to evaluate the most effective combination which can be applied in the field. In commencing this project, various types of testing regarding lubricity will be conducted as well as other tests that has a direct correlation to the subject matter will be conducted.

date/time interval

  • 2019 - 2020