Bis(2-naphthyl­meth­yl)diphenyl­silane Academic Article uri icon


  • The title compound, C(34)H(28)Si, was prepared as an inter-nal standard for diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy. The four ligands are arranged tetra-hedrally around the Si atom. The two naphthalene systems are nearly perpendicular, making an angle of 86.42 (4)° with one another. A naphthalene system and a phenyl ring are also nearly perpendicular, making an angle of 86.18 (6)° with one another. In the crystal, the mol-ecules pack in columns parallel to the a axis, and exhibit arene C-H⋯π(arene) inter-actions both within and between columns.

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  • Monroe, T. B., Thomas, A. A., Jones, D. S., & Ogle, C. A.

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  • December 2009