Koka, Srikanth (2006-05). Integration of stream and watershed data for hydrologic modeling. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • This thesis presents the development of a hydrologic model in the vector environment. Establishing spatial relationship between flow elements is the key for flow routing techniques. Such a relationship is called hydrologic topology, making each flow element know which other elements are upstream and which are downstream. Based on the hydrologic topology established for the flow elements, tools were developed for flow network navigation, drainage area estimation, flow length calculation and drainage divide determination. To apply the tools, data required might be obtained from different sources, which may lead to certain problems that have to do with wrong flow direction of stream lines and, mismatches in location of stream lines with respect to the corresponding drainage area polygons. Procedures to detect such inconsistencies and to correct them have been developed and are presented here. Data inconsistencies correction and parameter computation methods form the basis for the development of a routing model, which would be referred as hydrologic model. The hydrologic model consists of an overland flow routing module, two options for channel routing and a reservoir routing module. Two case studies have been presented to show the application of the tools developed.

publication date

  • May 2006