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  • A few thoughts about leaves... Last year I learned that leaves don’t fall, they’re pushed! Pushed off the twig by the bud of next year’s growth. There’s interesting symbolism in that, being pushed out, old leaving, new arriving... This is good news if you’re young, not as good news if you’re not... Still, leaves that get pushed out make important, perhaps essential contributions not only to the tree that produced them, but to the biomass all around the tree too... interesting symbolism there too... I also learned that the color leaves “turn” is actually the color that they are...underneath the green. The green, evidence of work... healthy photosynthetic processes, simply masks what’s beneath... If we were like leaves, perhaps our true selves are being masked by the work we do, and that while we’re all on the same team, the differences between us is masked by the work we do... These images were taken, usually on per day except for some garden outings, between 2009 and 2011.

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  • Obrien, M.

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  • November 2011