Search for narrow diphoton resonances and for +W/Z signatures in pp collisions at s = 1.8 TeV Academic Article uri icon


  • We present results of searches for diphoton resonances produced both inclusively and also in association with a vector boson (W or Z) using 100 pb-1 of pp collisions using the CDF detector. We set upper limits on the product of cross section times branching ratio for both pp+X and pp+ W/Z. Comparing the inclusive production to the expectations from heavy sgoldstinos we derive limits on the supersymmetry-breaking scale F in the TeV range, depending on the sgoldstino mass and the choice of other parameters. Also, using a NLO prediction for the associated production of a Higgs boson with a W or Z boson, we set an upper limit on the branching ratio for H . Finally, we set a lower limit on the mass of a "bosophilic" Higgs boson (e.g., one which couples only to , W, and Z bosons with standard model couplings) of 82 GeV/c2 at 95% confidence level. 2001 The American Physical Society.

published proceedings

  • Physical Review D

author list (cited authors)

  • Affolder, T., Akimoto, H., Akopian, A., Albrow, M. G., Amaral, P., Amidei, D., ... DeJongh, F.

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  • Affolder, T||Akimoto, H||Akopian, A||Albrow, MG||Amaral, P||Amidei, D||Anikeev, K||Antos, J||Apollinari, G||Arisawa, T||Artikov, A||Asakawa, T||Ashmanskas, W||Azfar, F||Azzi-Bacchetta, P||Bacchetta, N||Bachacou, H||Bailey, S||De Barbara, P||Barbaro-Galtieri, A||Barnes, VE||Barnett, BA||Baroiant, S||Barone, M||Bauer, G||Bedeschi, F||Belforte, S||Bell, WH||Bellettini, G||Bellinger, J||Benjamin, D||Bensinger, J||Beretvas, A||Berge, JP||Berryhill, J||Bhatti, A||Binkley, M||Bisello, D||Bishai, M||Blair, RE||Blocker, C||Bloom, K||Blumenfeld, B||Blusk, SR||Bocci, A||Bodek, A||Bokhari, W||Bolla, G||Bonushkin, Y||Bortoletto, D||Boudreau, J||Brandl, A||Van Den Brink, S||Bromberg, C||Brozovic, M||Brubaker, E||Bruner, N||Buckley-Geer, E||Budagov, J||Budd, HS||Burkett, K||Busetto, G||Byon-Wagner, A||Byrum, KL||Cabrera, S||Calafiura, P||Campbell, M||Carithers, W||Carlson, J||Carlsmith, D||Caskey, W||Castro, A||Cauz, D||Cerri, A||Chan, AW||Chang, PS||Chang, PT||Chapman, J||Chen, C||Chen, YC||Cheng, MT||Chertok, M||Chiarelli, G||Chirikov-Zorin, I||Chlachidze, G||Chlebana, F||Christofek, L||Chu, ML||Chung, YS||Ciobanu, CI||Clark, AG||Connolly, A||Conway, J||Cordelli, M||Cranshaw, J||Cropp, R||Culbertson, R||Dagenhart, D||D'Auria, S||DeJongh, F

publication date

  • November 2001