Park, Jinseon (2010-08). Characterization Of The Local Electrical Environment In An Electrically-guided Protein Patterning System Incorporating Antifouling Self-assembled Monolayer. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • In earlier research in our lab, the manipulation of microtubules on gold patterned silicon wafers was achieved by E-beam lithography, Poly (ethylene glycol) self assembled monolayers (PEG-SAMs) and electrophoresis. To develop a technique for delicate single microtubule manipulation, further studies need to be done on PEG-SAMs and electrophoresis. As a foundation of this goal, we examined the electric field in an aqueous solution between two planar electrodes and the compatibility of the antifouling property of PEG-SAMs with the electric field. For this purpose, the distribution of microbeads was analyzed using a Boltzmann distribution. The amount of adsorbed microtubules on a PEG-SAM was examined to test the compatibility of the antifouling property of a PEG-SAM with concomitant exposure to electric field. It is shown that the product of the electric field and the effective charge of the microbead does not have a linear relation with the applied electric potential but an exponentially increasing function with respect to the potential. The antifouling property of the PEG-SAM was not retained after an exposure to the electric field.

publication date

  • August 2010