Facile Synthesis of Well‐Defined Branched Sulfur‐Containing Copolymers: One‐Pot Copolymerization of Carbonyl Sulfide and Epoxide Academic Article uri icon


  • Topological polymers possess many advantages over linear polymers. However, when it comes to the poly(monothiocarbonate)s, no topological polymers have been reported. Described herein is a facile and efficient approach for synthesizing well-defined branched poly(monothiocarbonate)s in a "grafting through" manner by copolymerizing carbonyl sulfide (COS) with epichlorohydrin (ECH), where the side-chain forms in situ. The lengths of the side-chains are tunable based on reaction temperatures. More importantly, enhancement in thermal properties of the branched copolymer was observed, as the Tg  value increased by 22 °C, compared to the linear analogues. When chiral ECH was utilized, semicrystalline branched poly(monothiocarbonate)s were accessible with a Tm  value of 112 °C, which is 40 °C higher than that of the corresponding linear poly(monothiocarbonate)s. The strategy presented herein for synthesizing branched polymers provides efficient and concise access to topological polymers.

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  • Yue, T., Bhat, G. A., Zhang, W., Ren, W., Lu, X., & Darensbourg, D. J.

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  • June 2020