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  • We study the prospects for the measurement of the over(, ) - over(, ) 10 mass difference (M) and the over(g, ) mass (M over(g, ) ) in the supersymmetric co-annihilation region of mSUGRA at the LHC using tau leptons. Recent WMAP measurements of the amount of cold dark matter and previous accelerator experiments favor the co-annihilation region of mSUGRA, characterized by a small M (5-15 GeV). Focusing on taus from over(, ) 20 over(, ) over(, ) 10 decays in over(g, ) and over(q, ) production, we consider inclusive 3 + jet + E{combining long solidus overlay} T production, with two 's above a high E T threshold and a third above a lower threshold. Two observables, the number of opposite-signed pairs minus the number of like-signed pairs, and the peak of the di-tau invariant mass distribution, allow for the simultaneous determination of M and M over(g, ) for M 6 GeV. For example, for M = 9 GeV and M over(g, ) = 850 GeV with 30 fb -1 of data, we can measure M to 15% and M over(g, ) to 6%. 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

published proceedings

  • Physics Letters B

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  • Arnowitt, R., Aurisano, A., Dutta, B., Kamon, T., Kolev, N., Simeon, P., Toback, D., & Wagner, P.

publication date

  • January 1, 2007 11:11 AM