Characteristics of Nickel(0), Nickel(I), and Nickel(II) in Phosphino Thioether Complexes:  Molecular Structure and S-Dealkylation of (Ph2P(o-C6H4)SCH3)2Ni0 Academic Article uri icon


  • The molecular structure of a nickel(0) complex with P,S-donor atom ligands has been characterized by X-ray crystallography. Complex 1, (Ph2P(o-C6H4)SCH3) 2Ni0, prepared by Na/Hg amalgam reduction of the NiII complex [(Ph2P(o-C6H4)SCH3) 2Ni](BF4)2 ([2](BF4)2), degrades photochemically with loss of CH3 radicals to yield complex 3, (Ph2P(o-C6H4)S)2NiII. Cristallographic parameters for the three compounds are as follows: 1, monoclinic space group C2/c with a = 11.467(2) Å, b = 17.613(3) Å, c = 15.733(2) Å, β = 96.450(10)°, V= 3157.5(9) Å3, and Z = 4; [2](BF4)2, monoclinic space group P21/c with a = 9.417(4) Å, b = 14.822(9) Å, c = 13.773(2) Å, β = 98.55(3)°, V = 9101(14) Å3, and Z = 2; and 3, monoclinic space group P21/c with a = 9.651(2) Å, b = 12.971(8) Å, c= 12.540(2) Å, β = 110.46(2)°, V = 1470.7(11) Å3, and Z = 2. While complex 1 has a distorted tetrahedral geometry, complexes [2](BF4)2 and 3 are square planar with trans stereochemistry. The cyclic voltammogram of [2](BF4)2 in CH3CN shows two redox events assigned to NiII/I and NiI/0, whereas the thiolate 3 reveals only one reversible wave assigned to NiII/III. The chemical reduction of [2](BF4)2 with Cp2Co provided a NiI species, [(Ph2(o-C6H4)SCH3) 2NiI]+, characterized at 100 K by an axial EPR signal with gx, = gy = 2.10 and gz= 1.96. Hyperfine spectral features resulting from coupling to two 31P nuclei suggests a retention of substantially square planar geometry. In contrast the isotropic character of the EPR signal of [(Ph2P(o-C6H4)SCH3)(Ph 2P(o-C6H4)S)NiI], presumed to be the first product of the photochemical demethylation of 1 ultimately yielding the doubly demethylated complex 3, suggested the intervening thioether/thiolate NiI species to be pseudotetrahedral. Protonation of the nickel(0) species 1 produced a five-coordinate nickel hydride complex, [(H)(arom-PSMe)2Ni]BF4, 4.

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  • Journal of the American Chemical Society

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  • Kim, J. S., Reibenspies, J. H., & Darensbourg, M. Y

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  • Kim, Jang Sub||Reibenspies, Joseph H||Darensbourg, Marcetta Y

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  • January 1996