Layered, Two-Dimensional Hydrogen Bonding Nets in the Structure of the 1:1 Encounter Complex TMTTF–TCNB: Combined Structural and Spectroscopic Study Academic Article uri icon


  • The synthesis, crystal structure and spectroscopic properties as determined by infrared spectroscopy of the 1:1 encounter complex TMTTF-TCNB are reported. The complex crystallizes with each of the constituent molecules on an inversion center in the triclinic space group P - 1 with a = 6.7953(16) Å, b = 7.9141(16) Å, c = 9.775(2) Å, α = 98.63(3)°, β = 105.27(3)°, and γ = 94.49(3)°. The determination of this crystal structure provided cyanide bond distances which when compared to the reported literature values for free TCNB suggest the presence of the neutral acceptor. The central C=C bond and four ancillary C-S bonds in TMTTF provide structural evidence that the donor, like the acceptor, also exists in its neutral state. These crystallographic observations and conclusions were confirmed by infrared spectroscopic analysis. Of particular interest is a two dimensional hydrogen bonding net which occurs within the (131̄) plane. When stacked as repeat units along the a axis, this net is reminiscent of stacked graphene layers in graphite. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

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  • Reinheimer, E. W., Rivas, M., Zhao, H., & Dunbar, K. R.

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  • February 2011