Bunch, Michael A (2014-11). The Development of a Method for the Identification and Selection of Preservation Values for the Protection of WWII United States Army Airbases in Texas. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • Currently no compendiums of values exist that systematically outline criteria needed to guide historical and cultural conservation of the remaining AAF bases in Texas. This study examines buildings previously considered mundane and expendable to provide guidance to preservationists so that they may assign historical and cultural value to WWII AAF bases in Texas. This study analyzes criteria that could be used to determine the value of remaining assets at Bryan AAB, Hearne AAB, and Carswell AFB in Texas. This project analyzes the prevailing international standards currently used with the intent of developing values and standards across major international preservation societies and organizations that may be applied to AAF bases in Texas. Next, the study develops a process of systematic evaluation that produces an Optimal Conservation Index (OCI). An OCI is derived when a project administrator evaluates the overall project to determine the genotype and phenotype configuration of specific components of the project. Four primary objectives and fourteen standards were developed to guide the preservation efforts following careful evaluation of word repetition counts using the Getty Institute compilation of international conservation statements. These were categorized in pragmatic, semantic, and syntactic groups to generate a numerical value, intended to give overarching guidance to the leaders and stakeholders of the conservation project. The values were averaged and tabulated to derive the OCI. The conclusion of this study recommends the initial OCI be used to educate all stakeholders in the project to foster consensus after they have had an opportunity to evaluate and, if necessary, modify the OCI evaluation process. Once the OCI has been established to the agreement of all the stakeholders, it should be utilized to prioritize conservation efforts. Please note that a substantial number of the photos and all of the charts and graphs in this document are from the private collection of the author. As such, no citation is required as they are explained in the text.

publication date

  • November 2014