Developing Sustainable Rice Disease Management Strategies Grant uri icon


  • Rice diseases are among the most important factors limiting the profitable and sustainable production of rice. This project will focus on sheath blight, blast, bacterial panicle blight, Cercospora (narrow brown leaf spot) and other diseases important to Texas and the US. Objectives of this project are to: 1) evaluate and develop new varieties resistant or partially resistant to major rice diseases; 2) evaluate and develop effective chemical control methods; 3) evaluate and develop novel biocontrol and cultural practices; and 4) integrate these control tactics to develop a sustainable integrated disease management program for rice producers. The results and information from this research will be delivered to Texas rice producers and other clientele through our ongoing outreach activities. The goal of this project is to develop sustainable rice disease management strategies that are economical and environmentally friendly for rice production.

date/time interval

  • 2015 - 2020