Malik, Muzammil Abdul (2012-10). Adaptation of Lighting Styles from Traditional Paintings to Computer Generated Scenes. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Image making using Computer Graphics has become extremely popular. Great advances in computer graphics have led to an increasing number of people using this medium. But Computer Graphics on its own is not art unless art principles are applied to it, as is the case with any other art medium. Studying art principles used in traditional paintings is an invaluable way of learning how to create images that tell a story, look believable, evoke appropriate emotions, and remain aesthetically alluring too. With that motivation in mind, a visual analysis of paintings of John Register, Jules Breton and Chris Peters was conducted to better understand their styles. Two paintings by each of the three artists were then selected for an in depth study and based on those, computer generated renderings were produced. Inspired by each artist's style, digital scenes were modeled, lit and rendered using 3D authoring tools. The final rendered images exhibit the lighting style unique to each of the three artists.

publication date

  • October 2012