Syntheses, Structures, and Spectroscopic Properties of 1,10‐Phenanthroline‐Based Macrocycles Threaded by PtC8Pt, PtC12Pt, and PtC16Pt Axles: Metal‐Capped Rotaxanes as Insulated Molecular Wires Academic Article uri icon


  • The platinum polyynyl complexes trans-(C6 F5 )(p-tol3 P)2 Pt(C≡C)n/2 H undergo oxidative homocoupling (O2 , CuCl/TMEDA) to diplatinum polyynediyl complexes trans, trans-(C6 F5 )(p-tol3 P)2 Pt(C≡C)n Pt(Pp-tol3 )2 (C6 F5 ) (n=4, 2; 6, 5; 8, 8; 92-97 %) as reported previously. When related reactions are conducted in the presence of CuI adducts of the 1,10-phenanthroline-based macrocycles 2,9-(1,10-phenanthrolinediyl)(p-C6 H4 O(CH2 )6 O)2 (1,3-C6 H4 ) (10, 33-membered) or 2,9-(1,10-phenanthrolinediyl)(p-C6 H4 O(CH2 )6 O)2 (2,7-naphthalenediyl) (11, 35-membered), excess K2 CO3 , and I2 (oxidant), rotaxanes are isolated that feature a Pt(C≡C)n Pt axle that has been threaded through the macrocycle (2⋅10, 9 %; 5⋅10, 41 %; 5⋅11, 28 %; 8⋅10, 12 %; 8⋅11, 9 %). Their crystal structures are determined and analyzed in detail, particularly with respect to geometric perturbations and the degree of steric sp carbon chain insulation. NMR spectra show a number of shielding effects. UV/Vis spectra do not indicate significant electronic interactions between the Pt(C≡C)n Pt axles and macrocycles, although cyclic voltammetry data suggest rapid reactions following oxidation.

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  • Amini, H., Baranová, Z., Weisbach, N., Gauthier, S., Bhuvanesh, N., Reibenspies, J. H., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • December 2019