Kernel Approximation on Manifolds I: Bounding the Lebesgue Constant Academic Article uri icon


  • The purpose of this paper is to establish that for any compact, connected C∞ Riemannian manifold there exists a robust family of kernels of increasing smoothness that are well suited for interpolation. They generate Lagrange functions that are uniformly bounded and decay away from their center at an exponential rate. An immediate corollary is that the corresponding Lebesgue constant will be uniformly bounded with a constant whose only dependence on the set of data sites is reflected in the mesh ratio, which measures the uniformity of the data. The analysis needed for these results was inspired by some fundamental work of Matveev in which the Sobolev decay of Lagrange functions associated with certain kernels on Ω Γ ℝd was obtained. With a bit more work, one establishes the following: Lebesgue constants associated with surface splines and Sobolev splines are uniformly bounded on ℝd, provided the data sites Ξare quasi-uniformly distributed. The non-Euclidean case is more involved as the geometry of the underlying surface comes into play. In addition to establishing bounded Lebesgue constants in this setting, a "zeros lemma" for compact Riemannian manifolds is established. © 2010 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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  • Hangelbroek, T., Narcowich, F. J., & Ward, J. D.

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  • January 2010