Molecular and Genetic Decoding of Plant-Microbe Interaction Grant uri icon


  • The current knowledge on plant immunity and microbial pathogenicity mainly comes from the study of model plant-pathogeninteraction. Understanding the molecular basis of plant disease resistance is still challenging in crop plants due to the limitedmolecular tools and resources. Transforming of foreign genes into crop plants is technically demanding and time-consuming. Inaddition, the use of whole plant and pathogen assay displays complex stimuli and responses, and provides limited resolution indissecting the molecular mechanisms of disease resistance at the cellular level. It is essential to apply the knowledge gainedfrom model plant system to economically important plants and develop molecular tools to understand the mechanisms of genefunction and regulation in plant disease resistance. Decoding the molecular and genetic basis of plant-microbe interaction willeventually incorporate the effective and durable resistance in crop plants by enhancing the active defense responses orintervening the disease process.

date/time interval

  • 2016 - 2021