Identification of Albumin Precursor Protein, Phi AP3, and α-Smooth Muscle Actin as Novel Components of Redox Sensing Machinery in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Academic Article uri icon


  • Aerobic organisms are continually subjected to environmental stressors that compromise redox homeostasis and induce cellular injury. In vascular smooth muscle cells (vSMCs), the activation/repression of redox-regulated genes after environmental stress often involves protein binding to cis-acting antioxidant response elements (AREs). The present study was conducted to identify proteins that participate in redox-regulated protein binding to human c-Ha-ras and mouse glutathione S-transferase A1 AREs in vSMCs after oxidant injury. Challenge of vSMCs with 0.3 or 3 microM hydrogen peroxide, 3-methylcholanthrene, benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-diol, 3-hydroxy benzo[a]pyrene, and benzo[a]pyrene-3,6-quinone induced concentration-related increases in ARE protein binding. The profiles of ARE complex assembly were comparable, but exhibited chemical specificity. Pretreatment with 0.5 mM N-acetylcysteine inhibited activation of ARE protein binding in hydrogen peroxide-treated cells. Preparative electrophoretic mobility shift assays coupled to Western analysis identified NF-E2-related proteins 1 and 2 and JunD in complexes assembled on AREs. Polyethylenimine affinity and sequence-specific serial immobilized DNA affinity chromatography followed by N-terminal sequencing identified albumin precursor protein, phi AP3, and alpha-smooth muscle actin as members of the ARE signaling pathway. Sequence analysis of albumin protein revealed homology to the redox-regulated transcription factors Bach1 and 2, as well as cytoskeletal and molecular motor proteins. These results implicate albumin precursor protein, phi AP3, and alpha-smooth muscle actin as participants in redox sensing in vSMCs, and suggest that protein complex assembly involves interactions between leucine zipper and zinc finger transcription factors with cytoskeletal proteins.

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  • Holderman, M. T., Miller, K. P., Dangott, L. J., & Ramos, K. S.

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  • May 2002