Row crop planting apparatus for mobile pipe span-and-tower irrigation systems Patent uri icon


  • A field planting system for use in conjunction with large span and wheel tower irrigation apparatus to place seed in a field across a number of rows simultaneously. Seed is suspended uniformly in a gel solution and injected into a stream of carrier water. The seeds, suspended in water, travel in piping separate from irrigation piping to a manifold suspended from the overhead span section. Each manifold distributes seed and carrier water to a plurality of drop tubes. A tube valve locate in each drop tube is closed to permit the manifold to be charged with seeds and water under pressure. Once the manifold is charged, the tube valves open simultaneously and the water and seed discharges from the manifold through drop tubes to a planting shoe. The planting shoe includes a forward nozzle to emit a high pressure stream of water to excavate a small trench or furrow into which the seed is dispensed. A perforated metal tube angling rearwardly from the drop tube dissipates the energy of the carrier water to assure that the seed is not washed from the trench. A trench closer trails the planting shoe to push some of the dislodged soil over the seed and cover the furrow.

author list (cited authors)

  • Lyle, W. M., Bordovsky, J. P., & Butler, M. A.

publication date

  • November 1990