Demarchos, Stavros Andronikos (2018-05). The Effect of Fracture Closure on Economic Viability of the Wolfcamp - A Case Study. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • This report is composed of the petrophysical and seismic interpretation and evaluation of a well in the Permian Basin and the effect of fracture closure on economic viability. The research determined the economic viability of the Wolfcamp based upon the various proppant fracture conductivity tables. The shale plays that the report focuses on are the Wolfcamp Shales in the aforementioned basin. These shales are divided into Wolfcamp A, Wolfcamp B, and Wolfcamp C. The Wolfcamp B shale deposit is the best reservoir quality interval. In this study, the petrophysical properties of the reservoir were found through core data, log data, pressure data, and seismic data. Simulations were conducted using the defined extent of the reservoir to observe a history match of the pressure and production for observed well. Furthermore, an analogous well was created to examine the effect of economic viability by using different fracture conductivity tables. The differing scenarios were conducted to emphasize the importance of reliable measurements of geomechanical properties and associated modeling. In this case study, the geomechanical property emphasized is the fracture conductivity with respect to individual proppants. This report will cover the process, methodology, conclusions and recommendations made throughout the Wolfcamp Shale analysis.

publication date

  • May 2018