Evaluating Poultry Production through Precision Nutrition Grant uri icon


  • Precision nutrition is a dietetic approach to improving health that involves altering various constituents of the diet to achieve desired body composition and specific health outcomes. Its primary concern involves balancing the diet to achieve maximum metabolic and nutrient efficiency given varying biological circumstances and environmental conditions. In the poultry industry, the application of precision nutrition translates into using custom diets developed to maximize the production potential of the operations the industry encompasses, each with their own production goals.Production goals vary between and within each operation but generally, the overall goal is an efficient economy. This involves balancing physical production (meat, eggs, whole carcass, etc.), the well-being of stock, human health (food quality, disease transmission, antibiotic resistance, etc.), and environmental impact (waste production, etc.).The focus of these studies is to evaluate how manipulations of diet impact this balance given conditions typical of common poultry industry management schemes. We will use standard nutrient accounting techniques to develop a series of trial diets and evaluate their effectiveness based on our aforementioned criteria. Overall, the goal of our studies is provide the poultry industry with information that can be used to improve the efficiency of their own individual economies; it is applied in nature. Generally, we intend the results of these studies to inform poultry industry-level application directly rather than to develop hypothetical ideals.

date/time interval

  • 2018 - 2023