Reversible switching from antiferro- to ferromagnetic behavior by solvent-mediated, thermally-induced phase transitions in a trimorphic MOF-based magnetic sponge system. Academic Article uri icon


  • Hydrothermal reactions of copper(II) acetate, tetrazolate-5-carboxylate (tzc), and the neutral N-donor spacer ligand 1,3-di(4-pyridyl)propane (dpp) lead in a single reaction vial to the simultaneous formation of three different single-crystalline solvates [Cu(tzc)(dpp)]n0.5C6H140.5H2O (1), [Cu(tzc)(dpp)]n4.5H2O (2), and [Cu(tzc)(dpp)]n1.25C6H14 (3). All three structures were characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction. None of these solvates can be prepared as phase-pure bulk materials, but reaction conditions similar to those used for single crystal synthesis yield a phase-pure polycrystalline bulk material of an additional forth solvate phase [Cu(tzc)(dpp)]n2H2O (4). Investigations of its thermal properties by in situ temperature-dependent synchrotron-based powder diffraction experiments have shown interesting phase transitions upon heating in a helium stream. Initially, the precursor dihydrate 4 transforms to an anhydrous phase [Cu(tzc)(dpp)]n (6I) via the intermediate monohydrate phase [Cu(tzc)(dpp)]nH2O (5). Upon further heating, phase 6I transforms to a new anhydrous polymorph 6II, which transforms upon cooling to a further new phase 6III. Thermogravimetric measurements performed in tandem with differential scanning calorimetry as well as infrared spectroscopic investigations are in agreement with these findings. The de/resolvation behavior is accompanied by a dramatic change in their magnetic properties: The dihydrate phase shows antiferromagnetic exchange interactions, whereas ferromagnetic properties are observed for the trimorphic anhydrate system. This magnetic sponge-like behavior can be reversibly cycled upon de/resolvation of the material.

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  • J Am Chem Soc

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  • Wriedt, M., Yakovenko, A. A., Halder, G. J., Prosvirin, A. V., Dunbar, K. R., & Zhou, H.

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  • Wriedt, Mario||Yakovenko, Andrey A||Halder, Gregory J||Prosvirin, Andrey V||Dunbar, Kim R||Zhou, Hong-Cai

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  • March 2013