Hydrothermal synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of a three-dimensional cobalt( ii ) – aminophenyltetrazolate coordination polymer Academic Article uri icon


  • The hydrothermal reaction of cobalt(II) acetate tetrahydrate, 4-aminophenyl tetrazole and water at 135 °C for 48 hours provided orange crystals of [Co3(OH)2(H2O)2(aptet)4] (1) (aptet = 4-aminophenyltetrazolate). The three-dimensional structure of compound 1 is constructed from chains of corner- and edge-sharing Co(II) octahedra linked into a framework through the dipodal ligand tethers. The cobalt sites of the chain are linked through tetrazolate groups in the N2,N3-bridging mode, as well as through μ3-hydroxyl groups into trinuclear Co3 substructures. The magnetic properties are consistent with a ferrimagnetic chain with the non-compensating resultant moment of one Co(II) per trinuclear Co(II) subunit. The temperature dependence of the ac magnetic susceptibility indicates glassy-like magnetic behavior.

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  • Smith, T. M., Tichenor, M., Zhang, Y., Dunbar, K. R., & Zubieta, J.

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  • January 2014