Study of the q2 dependence of B and of B() and extraction of Academic Article uri icon


  • We report on determinations of |Vub| resulting from studies of the branching fraction and q2 distributions in exclusive semileptonic B decays that proceed via the bu transition. Our data set consists of the 9.7106 BB meson pairs collected at the Y(4S) resonance with the CLEO II detector. We measure B(B0 -+)=(1.330.180.11 0.010.07)10-4 and B(B0 -+)=(2.170.34-0.54+0.470.41 0.01)10-4, where the errors are statistical, experimental systematic, systematic due to residual form-factor uncertainties in the signal, and systematic due to residual form-factor uncertainties in the cross-feed modes, respectively. We also find B(B++)=(0.840.31 0.160.09)10-4, consistent with what is expected from the B mode and quark model symmetries. We extract |V ub| using light-cone sum rules for 0q2<16GeV 2 and lattice QCD for 16 GeV2q2

published proceedings

  • Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology

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  • Athar, S. B., Avery, P., Breva-Newell, L., Potlia, V., Stoeck, H., Yelton, J., ... Ferguson, T.

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  • Athar, SB||Avery, P||Breva-Newell, L||Potlia, V||Stoeck, H||Yelton, J||Benslama, K||Eisenstein, BI||Gollin, GD||Karliner, I||Lowrey, N||Plager, C||Sedlack, C||Selen, M||Thaler, JJ||Williams, J||Edwards, KW||Besson, D||Zhao, X||Anderson, S||Frolov, VV||Gong, DT||Kubota, Y||Li, SZ||Poling, R||Smith, A||Stepaniak, CJ||Urheim, J||Metreveli, Z||Seth, KK||Tomaradze, A||Zweber, P||Ahmed, S||Alam, MS||Ernst, J||Jian, L||Saleem, M||Wappler, F||Arms, K||Eckhart, E||Gan, KK||Gwon, C||Honscheid, K||Hufnagel, D||Kagan, H||Kass, R||Pedlar, TK||von Toerne, E||Zoeller, MM||Severini, H||Skubic, P||Dytman, SA||Mueller, JA||Nam, S||Savinov, V||Hinson, JW||Lee, J||Miller, DH||Pavlunin, V||Sanghi, B||Shibata, EI||Shipsey, IPJ||Cronin-Hennessy, D||Lyon, AL||Park, CS||Park, W||Thayer, JB||Thorndike, EH||Coan, TE||Gao, YS||Liu, F||Maravin, Y||Stroynowski, R||Artuso, M||Boulahouache, C||Blusk, S||Dambasuren, E||Dorjkhaidav, O||Mountain, R||Muramatsu, H||Nandakumar, R||Skwarnicki, T||Stone, S||Wang, JC||Mahmood, AH||Csorna, SE||Danko, I||Bonvicini, G||Cinabro, D||Dubrovin, M||McGee, S||Bornheim, A||Lipeles, E||Pappas, SP||Shapiro, A||Sun, WM||Weinstein, AJ||Briere, RA||Chen, GP||Ferguson, T

publication date

  • October 2003