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Conover, Gloria Instructional Assistant Professor


Dr. Conover is interested in the cellular processes that govern cytoskeletal crosstalk in myocytes and the subversion of the endocytic pathway during intracellular bacterial infection. She showed that nebulette and nebulin sarcomere proteins functionally integrate desmin intermediate filaments to the actin cytoskeleton. During her PhD studies, using genetics and screen she discovered LidA, a Legionella pneumophila effector exported into macrophages through bacterial Icm/Dot Type IV secretion system. As a research scientist, she lead an interdisciplinary team to develop a live-cell multi day microfluidics platform to study the temporal response to stress of persistent Mycobacteria. Currently, she is interested in the vertical integration of the basic science medical curriculum and interprofessional research practices into medical curriculum to advance the next generation of medical treatments.

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  • Instructional Assistant Professor