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Burke, Shannon Clinical Assistant Professor


Shannon Burke is Coordinator of Monograph Acquisitions at Texas A&M University Libraries. Her background is in acquisitions, electronic resources, discovery, and collection development, where she developed a particular interest in interactive data visualization. She acquired skills in applications, such as Tableau and the R programming language, as a means to present data to colleagues, and assist evaluation and decision-making in regards to funding and collection development. Her interest in data analysis and understanding of collections usage has led to collaborations with public services staff on several projects to clean bibliographic and vendor data, and create interactive visualizations of library collections intended to help subject liaisons make better-informed decisions.

Shannon has presented on topics, such as "Confronting the Elephant in the Room: Cleaning and Wrangling Data for Collections and Scholarly Services" and "Database Usage in Context: Wrangling Vendor, Library, and Institutional Data," at both local and national levels.

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  • Acquisitions Coordinator (Associate Librarian)