Molecular structures in T=1 states of 10B Academic Article uri icon


  • Background: Multicenter (molecular) structures can play an important role in light nuclei. The highly deformed rotational band in 10Be with a bandhead at 6.179 MeV has been observed recently and suggested to have an exotic α:2n:α configuration. Purpose: Search for states with α:pn:α two-center molecular configurations in 10B that are analogous to the states with α:2n:α structure in 10Be. Methods: The T=1 isobaric analog states in 10B were studied in the energy range of E x=8.7 - 12.1 MeV using the reaction 1H(9Be,α)6Li*(T=1, 0+, 3.56 MeV). An R-matrix analysis was used to extract parameters for the states observed in the (p,α) excitation function. Results: Five T=1 states in 10B have been identified. The known 2+ and 3 - states at 8.9 MeV have been observed and their partial widths have been measured. The spin parities and partial widths for three higher-lying states were determined. Conclusions: Our data support theoretical predictions that the 2+ state at 8.9 MeV (isobaric analog of the 7.54-MeV state in 10Be) is a highly clustered state and can be identified as a member of the α:np:α rotational band. The next member of this band, the 4 + state, has not been found. A very broad 0+ state at 11 MeV that corresponds to pure α+6Li(0+, T=1) configuration is suggested and it might be related to similar structures found in 12C, 18O, and 20Ne. © 2011 American Physical Society.

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  • Kuchera, A. N., Rogachev, G. V., Goldberg, V. Z., Johnson, E. D., Cherubini, S., Gulino, M., ... Tumino, A.

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  • November 2011