EPR and Mssbauer spectroscopy of intact mitochondria isolated from Yah1p-depleted Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Academic Article uri icon


  • Yah1p, an [Fe 2S 2]-containing ferredoxin located in the matrix of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria, functions in the synthesis of Fe/S clusters and heme a prosthetic groups. EPR, Mossbauer spectroscopy, and electron microscopy were used to characterize the Fe that accumulates in Yah1p-depleted isolated intact mitochondria. Gal- YAH1 cells were grown in standard rich media (YPD and YPGal) under O 2 or argon atmospheres. Mitochondria were isolated anaerobically, then prepared in the as-isolated redox state, the dithionite-treated state, and the O 2-treated state. The absence of strong EPR signals from Fe/S clusters when Yah1p was depleted confirms that Yah1p is required in Fe/S cluster assembly. Yah1p-depleted mitochondria, grown with O 2 bubbling through the media, accumulated excess Fe (up to 10 mM) that was present as 2-4 nm diameter ferric nanoparticles, similar to those observed in mitochondria from yfh1Delta cells. These particles yielded a broad isotropic EPR signal centered around g = 2, characteristic of superparamagnetic relaxation. Treatment with dithionite caused Fe (3+) ions of the nanoparticles to become reduced and largely exported from the mitochondria. Fe did not accumulate in mitochondria isolated from cells grown under Ar; a significant portion of the Fe in these organelles was in the high-spin Fe (2+) state. This suggests that the O 2 used during growth of Gal- YAH1 cells is responsible, either directly or indirectly, for Fe accumulation and for oxidizing Fe (2+) --> Fe (3+) prior to aggregation. Models are proposed in which the accumulation of ferric nanoparticles is caused either by the absence of a ligand that prevents such precipitation in wild-type mitochondria or by a more oxidizing environment within the mitochondria of Yah1p-depleted cells exposed to O 2. The efficacy of reducing accumulated Fe along with chelating it should be considered as a strategy for its removal in diseases involving such accumulations.

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  • Biochemistry

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  • Miao, R., Martinho, M., Morales, J. G., Kim, H., Ellis, E. A., Lill, R., ... Lindahl, P. A.

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  • Miao, Ren||Martinho, Marlène||Morales, Jessica Garber||Kim, Hansoo||Ellis, E Ann||Lill, Roland||Hendrich, Michael P||Münck, Eckard||Lindahl, Paul A

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  • September 2008