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  • We propose a new classical theory of gravity which is based on the principle of equivalence and assumption that gravity, similarly to electrodynamics, is described by a vector field in Minkowski space-time. We show that such assumptions yield a unique theory of gravity; it passes all available tests and free of singularities such as black holes. In the present theory, gravity is described by four equations which have, e.g., exact analytical solution for arbitrary static field. For cosmology our equations give essentially the same evolution of the Universe as general relativity. Predictions of our theory can be tested within next few years making more accurate measurement of the time delay of radar signal traveling near the Sun or by resolving the supermassive object at the center of our Galaxy with VLBA. If general relativity is correct we must see a steady shadow from a black hole at the Galactic center. If the present theory is right then likely the shadow will appear and disappear periodically with a period of about 20 min as we predicted in JCAP 10 (2007) 018. Observation of such oscillations will also provide evidence for dark matter axion with mass in meV range.

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  • Svidzinsky, A. A.

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  • Svidzinsky, Anatoly A

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  • arXiv

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  • April 2009