The Federal Courthouse Door: A Federal Jurisdiction Guide Book uri icon


  • The Federal Courthouse Door provides quick-access answers to most questions on federal subject-matter jurisdiction. It provides a bullet-point list of jurisdictional issues and states the authority by statute, case law, or both. Author James Paul George has organized federal jurisdiction into six sections designed for quick answers and easy comprehension. Sources of federal jurisdiction under the Constitution, federal statutes, and federal common law; Federal district court jurisdiction, discussing every aspect of entry or exit at the trial level; Circuit courts of appeal jurisdiction, original and appellate; Supreme Court jurisdiction, original and appellate; Immunity from jurisdiction, including the United States, member states under the Eleventh Amendment, and foreign countries under the Constitution and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act; Refraining from jurisdiction under the abstention doctrines and statutes. The book also has special sections on writ practice, administrative law appeals, and venue. All sections have frequent cross-references to leading treatises on federal practice.

complete list of authors

  • George, James Paul

publication date

  • December 2001