Common-Mode Voltage Control through Vector Selection in Three-To-Five Phase Matrix Converter Conference Paper uri icon


  • Multi-phase matrix converters (more than three phase) are distinctively advantageous as because of reduced per-phase current and unity power factor operation. The electrical motors supplied through these converters do have the common-mode voltage problem. In this paper, an approach to reduce the common-mode voltage is presented through appropriate vectors selection. An availability of the (35) 243 states gives selection freedom within the constraints. The useful ninety three vectors with ninety active and three zero vectors are implemented in conventional space vector modulation technique in matrix converter. The space vector control technique is used with selective large and medium vectors with their disposition in d-q plane having controlled mapping in x-y harmonics plane to reduce the common-mode voltage is discussed. Two operating modes, one within the linear range and another with non-linear range (ten stepping mode) is presented with their performance. The common mode voltage (CMV) voltage reduction with rms voltage gain is observed in ten step operation. The effectiveness of these control algorithms are presented through simulation and verified by implementing it on 2 kVA matrix converter. © 2014 IEEE.

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  • Rahman, K., Aware, M. V., Iqbal, A., Al-Ammari, R., & Abu-Rub, H.

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  • 9

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  • June 2014